Asset Management

Neutron is uniquely qualified to ascertain the quality of your imaging equipment, allowing you to make informed strategic decisions about your fleet. This information is vital in managing your service capabilities.

Detailed Audit

This Audit pinpoints the number and basic condition of the equipment in your facilities. It gives essential knowledge to allow basic strategic decisions to be made regarding your fleet of Imaging Equipment.


-Brand and model of equipment in each facility

-Who owns the equipment

-Where the equipment is located

-Visual condition of equipment on a sliding scale

-Age, serial number and registration of equipment

-Who services the equipment, start and expiry date of contract

In-depth Audit

This gives full and in-depth appraisal of the imaging equipment situated in your facilities. Our expert team carry out a series of tests and interviews to see the current state of your imaging equipment. Your report will include a list of recommendations on how to get the most out of your imaging fleet.


-Everything in Detailed Audit

-Image quality of equipment

-Detailed condition of equipment (left cover damaged etc.)

-Breakdown and service history (where possible)

-How often equipment is used

-Overall perceptions of equipment from staff

-Recommendations on priority of equipment replacement and an overall perspective, including possible future needs.

Yearly In-depth Audit

Is an on-going yearly audit allowing you to see year on year what has changed. This allows you to see how the equipment is performing and how the overall use of equipment is evolving.


-In-depth Audit performed yearly with a 5 year contract.