Ziehm Vision FD

The Ziehm Vision FD was the first mobile C-arm worldwide to offer flat-panel detector technology. The latest generation from Germany delivers fully digital, distortion-free images with over 16,000 shades of gray. High dynamic range imaging plus low radiation levels clearly set Ziehm Imaging's C-arms apart from competitor systems.

  • 2 Flat panel detector sizes 20x20cm and 31x31cm. Giving you the field of view you need.
  • 120kV power. Understanding that patients are getting larger, the 120kV gives you the power to get through those larger patients
  • Articulating Monitor Arm For maximum flexibility and ergonomic comfort in diverse OR setups
  • Touchscreen inteface allows complete control from C-Arm
  • Liquid cooling system (Advanced Active Cooling) is specially designed for extended use in operating theatres.

All this and much more makes this system by far the best work horse system on the market.


  • CMOS Flat Panel
  • Image quality and efficiency are the most important but also challenging factors in daily clinical routine. In comparison with conventional C-arms, the latest flat-panel technology CMOS achieves higher spatial resolution due to smaller pixel sizes combined with lower noise levels and a higher read-out speed at full resolution. True resolution, especially in the magnification modes, makes interpolation unnecessary. CMOS technology therefore enables improved overall efficiency at the same time as lowering the output dose.

  • Flat Panel
  • Ziehm seeing the benefits of flat panel detectors integrated with C-Arms, they were the first to develop “FD” mobile C-Arms over 8 years ago. Now having had years of experience with this technology, Ziehm have been able to push the boundaries of superb image quality combined with low dose. Their results are simply unparalleled. Ziehms Flat panel technology gives you: Larger free space (up to 90cm)
    Better Image quality (16,000+ grey levels)
    Lower Dose (80% quantum efficiency)
    No “S” distortion
    Image quality lasts for the life time of the system
    Seamless integration (easy placement and movement of FD detector)

  • ZAIP (Ziehm Adaptive Image Processing)
  • ZAIP enhances the image quality of all C-arms with flat-panel detector. ZAIP uses hardware-based filters and the latest algorithms for noise filtering, edge enhancement and dose optimization to achieve best results in intraoperative imaging.

  • Liquid Cooling
  • With the liquid continuously cooling your x-ray generator, you system will never shut down or overheat. Giving you the confidence during critical surgery.

  • ODDC (Object Detected Dose Control)
  • A matrix of 256 measurement cells guarantees an optimal adaption to the patient‘s position making positioning the system a breeze. The Real-time motion detection provides superb image quality even if motion is detected. The automatic control of the pulse frequency reduces the dose dramatically with even the most inexperienced operator.

  • Smart Eye
  • This unique ergonomically designed touch screen interface (with its own monitor), allows the operator to have complete control from the C-Arm. Much like a smart phone, this touch screen device makes the operation of this system simple and intuitive and reduces unnecessary movement in the operating theatre.

  • Soft Tissue Software
  • With Soft tissue activated, the system will automatically adjust the factors of the system to visualise the skin edge and ignore the dense part of the anatomy. 

  • Shaky Man Software
  • When activated the system reduces the blurring effect cause through patient or system movement.